Planet & People

Think convergence of activists, scientists, recent college grads, veterans, and homeless people employed and provided with modern 3D printed solar powered hempcrete homes, all living on land with soil to be restored or created with treated ocean water or recycled water, planted and harvested.  The end of climate change, homelessness, and unemployment.  Completely sustainable ecosystems for all.

One of our awesome ideas is to build new communities in areas where the inhabits work for the community or on soil restoration and growing alternatives to deforestation such as hemp.  Planting trees and fixing ecosystems damaged by natural disasters is another solution we intend to focus.  Perhaps we can convince armies to mobilize for something other than war.

Money that should be acquired from an active federal civil lawsuit could fund everything presented while including established organizations in dispersion of funds for fighting climate change, housing and feeding the homelessness.  The combination of creating communities and jobs centered on sustainable ecosystems will be most progressive.

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